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Lovebird Central

UPDATED 02/26/2007

I developed this page to be able to give interested people a full overview of what we have and to make communication easier. Available bird shown in larger print. I leave the list of sold babies posted so that you can see what we get and may have available again. Scroll down for adult singles and pairs.

All babies are all hand fed, but as they get older and more babies come along, they may become less social, but it doesn't take long to turn that around if you simply want a companion pet, and I will direct towards certain babies that have more pet potential. You might also find older babies at a reduced price.

If you enjoy the flock activity of mutliple birds, by all means get more than one and spend hours watching them in a large cage full of wonderful, colorful toys, otherwise a single Lovie makes a wonderful pet.

If you are looking for some gorgeous colors to ad to your own breeding stock, take a look at some of ours. Their colors are all very brilliant. You can see pictures of many of our Lovebirds in our Lovebird photo album. Photos Here!


D= Dark, MD= Medium, SVF= Single Violet Factor, DVF= Double Violet Factor, W/F= White Face, PF= Peach Face, O/F= Orange Face, R/F= Red Face. The Red Face is only a deeper version of the Peach Face, but some list them separately, as do I, so you will know exactly what color they are. There is a true Red Face Lovebird that looks quite different than the Peach Face.


Check out our Lovebird Photo Album. Keep in mind that in this album are pictures of our breeding pairs, past babies, etc. and are not for sale unless they are listed below and on our 4-sale photo page.

Lovebird Pictures




Clutch# 11 02/07

Violet Australian Cinnamon and a solid W/FViolet-looks like a little purple grape already. Both will have the single or double violet factor. Both are reserved.

W/F Violet Australian Cinnamon 65.00

W/F Violet 100.00

Clutch # 10

New Hatchling as of 02/17/07

Double Factor Violet-Australian Cinnamon babies [3 so far with all reserved] Parents are both DFV Australian Cinnamon and goregous. These babies are 4th generation.


Clutch # 9

Hatchlings 02/07

New hatchlings-looks like they will be Peach Face Lutino with a single violet factor. The father is dark and carries a double violet factor so each baby will carry a single violet factor. Conceivably, we could have a Peach Face Violet/Lutinos at some point. Hand feeding now.

75.00 [90.00 if Lutino/violet]

Clutch# 8

BLACK MASK HATCHLING AS OF 01/17/07- He or she is a Yellow Collared Baby. If you want him, reserve him now because these darlings go fast! The blue black mask from these parents always have violet rumps. I have no history on them, but am assuming one of them carries the violet factor. 85.00 [PENDING]



Jan. 07 - 1 Hatchling- This is a gorgeous white face, violet pied with purple, yellow, and white and is VERY sweet! [SOLD]

95.00 firm



Late 2006 Babies


Dec. 06

This pair is on eggs again and we could conceivably have a peach-face, violet-lutino.

First time parents surprized us with a little fellow. I say fellow because he looks like he will be the same color as Mom. She is a PF Lutino. Since Lutinos are sex-linked, he is a boy! 65.00 [SOLD]


Dec 06 Hatchlings

5 BLUE BLACK MASK BABIES w/violet rump . ALL SOLD 85.00 Put yourself on oru waiting list for the next clutch.

Clutch # 4

Dec 06 Hatchlings

This is an Orange Face Medium Green split to American Cinnamon-possibly double split to Lutino. This is a MALE. He extremely sweet and stepping up. He is an only child so he is extremely friendly. 75.00 [SOLD]


Clutch # 3

Nov. 06 Hatchling


1 BABY AVAILABLE [SOLD] More hatchling coming.

My young W/F violet Australian Cinnamon pair had their first clutch as of Nov. 2006. This pair has been carefully chosen and paired up for the perfect Australian Cinnamon babies. Their first baby was a DD violet Australian Cinnamon. I have both of their parents and grandparents. 75.00 SOLD, but they are on eggs.

Clutch # 2

Nov. 06 Hatchlings 3 Peach Face ALL SOLD


Clutch #1

Oct. 06 Hatchlings ALL SOLD, but more hatchlings w/the single and double violet factor.

Father is one of my Dark double factor violet pieds and comes from a Dark double factor violet australian cinnamon and dark double factor violet pied pair; and Mother is a P/F with the dark, double or single factor violet. [I have no history on her, but this pair give me lots of solid violets]

Starting to get nippy as we concentrate on new babies. I had 2 of them sold, but the buyer backed out. Dropping the price to get them moved out because I have other babies coming. 40.00 per bird or 30.00 each if you take all four. This is a fabulous deal if you want to introduce the violet factor into your flock.

2 PEACH FACE MEDIUM DARK OLIVE double and single factor violet.

1 W/F FACE MEDIUM DARK[jade] Single factor violet

1 W/F DARK double factor violet VIOLET[SOLD]

1 W/F DARK double factor violet AUSTRALIAN CINNAMON and might be split or double split [Buyer back out of sale so this one is available again]



All sold. None available at this time


All sold. None available at this time