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Lovebirds for beginners - Welcome

Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine - Lovebirds - pet parrots &exotic birds.


The Lovebird pictured in our background is a violet-pied who is our resident Lovebird Mascott.

Since our Lovebirds have become so popular, we decided to dedicate a site just for them that you can access from our main avian site.

We specialize in color and temperament

We raise just about all color mutations including; Violet, Dilute Violet, Cobalt, American and Australian Cinnamon, Creamino, Lutino, Olive, Turquoise, Dutch Blue; and splits and pieds, White Face, Orange Face, Peach Face; Medium Dark, Dark, and combitnations and varieties of each. We have some gorgeous colors and personalities.

We also have Blue Black Mask and Yellow Collared Black Mask.

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